Wake Up Your Look With Eyelid Surgery

Wake Up Your Look With Eyelid Surgery Treatment in Coronado, CA

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Wake Up Your Look With Eyelid Surgery Treatment in Coronado, CA
Wake Up Your Look With Eyelid Surgery Treatment in Coronado, CA

How would your friends and family describe you? How about your coworkers? Would they say that you are a person who always seems tired, worried, stressed out, or angry? Are they right? Probably not. So the question is, what is it about you that is giving your friends and family members the wrong impression? Likely it is your eyes. If your eyes look heavy, puffy, or tired, your friends and family members may think that you are worn out and exhausted even though you are wide-awake and full of energy. Don’t let your eyes give the wrong impression of you. Wake up your look with eyelid surgery.

What is it about your eyes that makes you look tired? Well, for some people, their eyes look puffy because they have deposits of fat under their eyes or because their eyes are retaining fluid. For some individuals, this is a genetic thing. For others, it is the result of lifestyle, diet, and environment. But regardless of why your eyes look puffy or regardless of why your upper eyelids are drooping, they going to make you look tired.

Another factor that might be contributing to this is the strength of your eyelid muscles. As you get older, your eyelid muscles can start to lose strength. So this means they sit at a lower position when they are at rest as opposed to what they originally did. If you have excess deposits of fat on your eyelids and you couple that with weakening muscles, it’s understandable that you look tired and have a droopy appearance.

Eyelid surgery can help. The level of help eyelid surgery can provide is going to vary, depending on the part of your eye that’s making you look tired. Doctors can perform eyelid surgery on your upper and lower eyelids. Sometimes just one needs a little help, and sometimes it’s better to perform surgery on both.

During the surgery, excessive amounts of fat are going to be removed from your upper and lower eyelids. If there is excess muscle that’s causing your eyelids to sag, this might also be removed. When the procedure is done, you’re going to look more alert. You’re going to look more awake. You’re going to have a more refreshed and a vibrant appearance.

During the initial consultation, you’re going to want to talk to our surgeon about what your goals and about your current health condition. Individuals who have glaucoma and some other eye conditions may need to take some considerations prior to eyelid surgery.

One of the nice things about eyelid surgery is that within a week to 10 days, you will have your initial recovery. At that point, you will be back to work and will be doing light activities. It may take a little bit longer before you are out running, playing football, or engaging in vigorous activities.

If your friends, family members, or coworkers wrongly think that you’re always tired or worn out, do something about it. Wake up your look with eyelid surgery. Contact Remedi Med Spa, located in San Diego and Coronado, and schedule a consultation today!

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