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If you are looking for a fat removal treatment, then consider Liposuction Treatment. At Remedi Medspa, we offer Liposuction Procedure. For more information, please call us or schedule an appointment online. We serve patients from Coronado CA, San Diego CA, Golden Hills CA, Little Italy CA, Logan Heights CA, and Lincoln Park CA.

Liposuction Procedure - Remedi Med Spa
Liposuction Procedure - Remedi Med Spa

Defined and Toned Body Sculpting With the Dr. Guttikonda Difference

Stubborn areas of fat can rob you of the shapely, toned body you’ve always envisioned for yourself. You may be fed up with putting hours into the gym only to see no significant reduction of unwanted fat deposits. Genetics can predispose you to accumulate fat in specific areas, which cannot be spot treated through diet and exercise. Dr. Guttikonda works with his patients to devise a liposuction treatment plan that will target your specific problems, restore the shape of your body, and create the definition you desire.


Your Path to Beauty…

Your Procedure

  • A tumescent fluid is injected into the treatment area, which helps loosen the fat cells, provides additional numbing, and makes for easier fat removal.
  • Discreet incisions are created in the treatment area, through which a cannula is inserted beneath the skin and into the fat.
  • By gently moving the cannula back and forth, Dr. Guttikonda breaks up the fat.
  • Vacuum suction removes fat through the cannula.
  • Dr. Guttikonda treats small sections at a time, focusing on removing fat in even layers to prevent dimpling and dents.
  • Once your fat removal is complete, your incisions are closed, and a compression garment may be positioned to help with your postoperative swelling.

Your Goals

Multiple areas may be treated during one liposuction procedure to achieve the best-looking result possible. Dr. Guttikonda may recommend combining your liposuction with another body contouring procedure if you have signs of skin laxity. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, and you should be within 50 pounds of your goal weight before undergoing treatment. If you are overweight, we recommend using diet and exercise to lose weight naturally before undergoing liposuction. You should have a healthy routine in place so you can more easily keep the weight off following your treatment.

Your Body

Your liposuction journey will begin with an extensive consultation process, during which you will discuss your aesthetic goals with Dr. Guttikonda. Liposuction treatments are tailored to your body, each designed to highlight the contours and definition of your physique. During your consultation, Dr. Guttikonda will evaluate your medical history to ensure that you are in good health for the procedure. Dr. Guttikonda’s liposuction techniques ensure smooth, even removal of fat for natural-looking results.

Enhanced Silhouette

Abdomen & Flanks

The abdomen and flanks are the most common areas for liposuction. Traditionally, they are the most problematic areas for fat accumulation. When liposuctioning the belly and hips, we can enhance definition and improve the shape of your body.

Thighs & Buttocks

Excess fat along the thighs can lead to discomfort, and a lack of buttock fat can rob you of an attractive, shapely behind. Liposuction of the thighs and fat transfer to the buttocks can be done in one procedure to create a more curvaceous contour from the buttocks to the legs.

Arms & Chest

Accumulated fat along the arms can contribute to a flabby appearance that may be exacerbated by fat along the upper chest and in the armpits. Fat can be removed from the arms for a slimmer shape so you feel comfortable baring your arms in the San Diego sun. The chest and bra armpit rolls can be treated in addition to the arms or on a standalone basis.

Neck & Chin

Stubborn neck and chin fat can form the unsightly appearance of a double chin. Liposuction of the submental and neck area can create a slimmer facial appearance and better jawline definition.



The typical recovery period lasts between two and five days; after this time, you should be able to return to work. Some patients may experience initial bruising and swelling of their treatment area(s). You should use a compression garment throughout your recovery, and you can resume more vigorous activities after two weeks. However, you shouldn’t perform any activity that has not been cleared by Dr. Guttikonda.


The severity of postoperative scarring will vary among patients depending on their body’s natural healing factors. Incision location can affect the visibility of scarring, but most incisions are hidden in a crease or placed in discreet locations. Dr. Guttikonda always provides a unique technique using embrace® scar therapy followed by bioCorneum® products that will help minimize scars. Scar therapy surgical packages are available. Any scarring that does develop is likely to fade over time.


There may be some initial postoperative discomfort associated with swelling, and the pain should only last several days, which can be controlled with oral medication. Dr. Guttikonda recommends EXPAREL®, a slow-releasing numbing medication for liposuction patients. EXPAREL® is injected at the time of surgery to keep the area numb and much more comfortable for up to three days. This medication can be added onto any surgery or may be included in a surgery package of your choosing.


Pricing can vary depending on your anatomy and surgical needs. Liposuction for small areas starts at $725 and increases from there depending on the size of your treatment area. The exact price of your procedure will be determined during your consultation. Financing options are available for patients who qualify. Your patient coordinator will discuss the financing options with you at the time of your consultation.

Before & After at Remedi Med Spa
Before & After at Remedi Med Spa
Before & After at Remedi Med Spa
Before & After at Remedi Med Spa
Before & After at Remedi Med Spa
Before & After at Remedi Med Spa

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of anesthesia is used during liposuction?

We offer this procedure under general anesthesia or local sedation. The best option for you can be decided during your consultation. Dr. Guttikonda hand selects his surgery team, including the anesthetists he works with closely. You will get a call from your anesthesia provider the day before your surgery and have their contact information after your procedure for any questions.

Will liposuction improve the loose skin around my treatment area?

If you have been pregnant or undergone recent weight loss, you may have sagging skin around the abdomen. Liposuction alone cannot treat skin laxity, but you can choose to combine your procedure with a tummy tuck for the best results.

Can I use my liposuctioned fat for fat transfer?

A specialty liposuction technique is used when a patient chooses fat transfer. While you still gain the contouring benefits, a more gentle suction is used to preserve fat cells. If you are considering fat transfer to improve your buttocks, breast, or face, be sure to discuss your desires with Dr. Guttikonda during your consultation.

What risks are associated with liposuction?

Liposuction, like all surgical procedures, comes with some minimal risks, the most common of which are bleeding and infection. However, seromas, dimpling, and temporary numbness of the treated area are rare complications.

How long will my liposuction results last?

Liposuction is designed to remove fat from a treatment area permanently, but it cannot prevent new fat cells from forming. While additional fat accumulation is more likely to be evenly distributed throughout your body, Dr. Guttikonda recommends a healthy diet and exercise regimen to prevent additional weight gain from occurring.

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