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Juvederm Specialist Questions and Answers

If you want the secret to smooth, younger looking skin, we have it. Read our Q and A page below to learn more about the benefits of Juvederm. For more information, please call us or schedule an appointment online. We serve patients from Coronado CA, San Diego CA, Golden Hills CA, Little Italy CA, Logan Heights CA, and Lincoln Park CA.

Juvederm Specialist Questions and Answers
Juvederm Specialist Questions and Answers

Table of Contents:

How long does Juvederm® last?
Is Juvederm® safe?
What is the difference between Juvederm® and Botox®?

Juvederm is a cosmetic injectable used to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles and the overall appearance of skin. Made of hyaluronic acid, Juvederm hydrates the skin, providing elasticity by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. There are several different forms of Juvederm available, each with their own unique application.

How long does Juvederm® last?

The duration of the effects of Juvederm will vary for each person, depending on their unique physiology and metabolism. The results also differ for each product, which are outlined below:

Juvederm® XC: Juvederm® XC effectively treats vertical lip lines, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and lines at the corners of the mouth. The results from a single Juvederm® XC treatment last up to a year.

Juvederm Volbella® XC: Juvederm Volbella® XC softens the appearance of lines around the mouth and increases fullness in the lips. Results from just one Juvederm Volbella® XC treatment last up to one year.

Juvederm Voluma® XC: Juvederm Voluma® XC instantly adds volume to the cheek area for patients over 21 years of age. Results from one treatment of Juvederm Voluma® XC can last up to two years.

Is Juvederm® safe?

The most common and effective use of Juvederm is to soften the areas around the mouth and nose, improving the contour of the face and providing a sort of facelift. While not adding too much to look unnatural, a balance is achieved between adding enough volume to smooth the wrinkles. It’s not just about smoothing a wrinkle or filling volume, the focus is to address the three dimensional structure of the face.

Because of how Juvederm was created, there is minimal swelling after injections, and results can be seen immediately. Most patients do not require any topical anesthetic as very small needles are used with Juvederm. However, sometimes this option is available upon request. An alternative to anesthetic is placing ice or a cold pack on the area of injection immediately prior to injection. On top of that, Juvederm XC products have lidocaine added to them and immediately upon injection the anesthetic begins to work.

What is the difference between Juvederm® and Botox®?

While both provide similar results, Botox and Juvederm operate on different principles and work best on different types of wrinkles. Both are FDA-approved injectables used as anti-aging treatments.

Botox is a purified protein that relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles, folds and fine lines. On the other hand, Juvederm is a line of fillers rather than a relaxer, that works by filling in the grooves and lines to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines and smooth the appearance of skin.

The types of wrinkles they work on is the biggest difference between Botox and Juvederm. Although both cosmetic treatments are effectual for smoothing out the wrinkles and fine lines on your face, they do not work on the same type of wrinkles.

For the expression lines that develop as we age like the deep lines and wrinkles in the skin around the eyes and on the forehead, Botox is the best. Such as when you furrow your brow, squint your eyes, or smile, laugh or frown, these wrinkles appear on movement. To create a more slim appearance, it may be injected into the muscles of the jaw, or it may also be injected to soften dimpling of the chin.

For wrinkles that are present when your face is at rest, Juvederm is more suitable. Made of hyaluronic acid, it is a smooth gel filler that can help replenish the areas of the face where the skin’s volume and fullness have been lost due to sagginess, age, or other reasons.

If you or someone you know is looking to rejuvenate their appearance, visit the Juvederm specialists at Remedi today! Our kind and compassionate professionals are experienced in performing Juvederm treatments and can provide you with your desired aesthetics. For more information on our Juvederm treatments, call our office and get in touch with a member of our specialist team. To book an appointment, you can visit our website or speak with us over the phone today.

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