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Green Peel - Remedi Medspa
Green Peel - Remedi Medspa

What can you tell me about Green Peel®?

We are glad that you asked! Green Peel® herbal facial peels are a fantastic resource for treating age-related skin conditions, hyperpigmentation, large pores, loose or sagging skin, scars, stretch marks, or sun damage. This medical-grade facial peel was developed by Dr. Christine Schrammek in 1958 to promote skin health by using all-natural ingredients, including a mix of herbs and vitamins that have skin rejuvenation properties. Green Peel® has since been developed and perfected and is now successfully used in over 60 countries!

There are three different Green Peel® blends that you can choose from depending on your specific skincare needs! These blends are the Classic, the Energy, and the Fresh-Up. With the Classic blend, you are getting the most original Green Peel® treatment. As it is intensely massaged into your skin, it increases blood circulation, improves oxygen and nutrition supply, and renews your skin. Like the Classic blend, the Energy blend helps stimulate blood circulation, but it also enhances your metabolism and provides essential energy to your skin’s ability to renew its cells. The Fresh-Up blend helps to brighten skin by improving blood circulation and opening your pores to absorb the natural herbs and vitamins. Unlike the Classic blend, both the Energy blend and Fresh-Up do not have any peeling effect.

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