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Get Rid of

Unwanted Fat With

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Get Rid of Unwanted Fat With Male Liposuction Treatment in Coronado, CA

Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of stubborn fat from our body. If you want to look physically fit consider Male Liposuction. Remedi Plastic Surgery and Medspa offers Male Liposuction to all those who want to get in shape. Visit us at 230 Prospect Place, Suite 310 Coronado, CA 92118. For more information, please call us or schedule an appointment online.

Get Rid of Unwanted Fat With Male Liposuction Treatment in Coronado, CA
Get Rid of Unwanted Fat With Male Liposuction Treatment in Coronado, CA

Liposuction is an exceptionally popular surgical procedure. When many people think about liposuction, they think about women having the procedure. However, more and more men are turning to liposuction to help them get rid of unwanted pockets of fat from select areas in their body. Men often use liposuction as a way to address extra pockets around their midsection, including their flanks. Male breasts can also be reduced with male liposuction. The goal of many men is to get that chiseled six-pack look. They want the exercise that they’ve done to show tangible results, and lipo could allow them to do just that.

Technology has changed the way that liposuction is performed. Now, there are a number of ways to receive liposuction. The primary difference between these newer forms of liposuction and a more traditional form of liposuction is how the fat deposits are broken down. We can discuss all of the possibilities with you during a consultation.

Men who are good candidates for male liposuction are those who have a healthy diet and exercise consistently. In spite of their diet and in spite of their exercise, they still have stubborn pockets of fat that they cannot make disappear. Whether the candidate is a man or woman, it is important for them to be at or close to their ideal weight before having liposuction. Remember, liposuction is not designed to be a weight loss tool. It’s designed to remove select pockets of fat with the goal of giving you a more chiseled and contoured look.

Prior to your male liposuction procedure, our doctor is going to provide you with a series of preoperative as well as postoperative instructions. The goal is to help you have the best results moving forward after your procedure and to also make sure that you have realistic expectations.

Male liposuction is very safe. The lipo procedure has been used and has been perfected over the course of many decades. Although many men are reluctant at first to think about getting liposuction because it is traditionally seen as something that a woman would do after they learn more about the procedure and after they see the positive results that other men have had with liposuction, they are more inclined to give this body contouring procedure a try.

If you’re interested in male liposuction, schedule a consultation at Remedi Plastic Surgery, with offices in San Diego and Coronado. Contact us today to book your appointment and learn more!