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For the latest and greatest skin rejuvenation treatments, come to Remedi Medspa. If you are looking for Enlightened Peel near you, come to us. Call today or visit us online to book an appointment. We have 2 convenient locations to serve you in Coronado CA and San Diego CA.

Enlightened Peel Near Me in Coronado CA and San Diego CA
Enlightened Peel Near Me in Coronado CA and San Diego CA

Clear, healthy and beautiful skin is a desire of many; it represents youth, good health and overall wellness. One of the biggest skin irregularities that people wish to improve are discolorations and pigmentations, such as melasma. There are several treatments that seek to remedy these conditions, but few hold their own when compared to the Enlighten Peel. This revolutionary cosmetic lightening method is used to treat blemishes such as melasma and other types of skin pigmentation. It is designed with safety in mind and does not produce undesirable side effects or long recovery times. In fact, it is safe for all skin types, tones and textures.

What is an Enlightened Peel?

The Enlighten Peel is a cosmetic lightening method used to treat blemishes such as melasma and other forms of skin pigmentation. This treatment reduces and eliminates discolorations to increase the brightness and evenness of the skin. This process actually communicates with the skin cells: to increase cell turnover, it brings discolored pigmentation up to the surface, and then goes even deeper to inhibit discolored pigmentation. Enlighten inhibits the melanogenesis process, which is the production of new melanin in the body. By paralyzing melanin production for a long period of time, the corneum stratum flakes and the action of the macrophagic cells takes the melanin deposits with them, removing them from the body. During the treatment application, inhibition of the tyrosinase is activated.

How often can you have an Enlightened Peel treatment?

How often one can have an Enlighten Peel treatment will be established by a certified clinician. They will base their decision on several factors, such as skin type, age, metabolism and duration of effects. With an Enlighten Peel treatment, clients can expect dramatically noticeable results in one week, with full results visible within a month. If you want to know how often you can have an Enlighten Peel for your unique situation, visit our clinic today and we will be happy to assist you!

What can I expect after the treatment?

The immediate after effects range from no discomfort to slight discomfort, which may be similar to a minor sunburn. For several hours after the treatment, it may be recommended to wear a thin putty-like mask on the face for the most optimal results. For this reason, most clients schedule this treatment in the late afternoon so they can go home for the rest of the day afterward. Aftercare is low-maintenance, and only requires that clients do not take part in major physical exertion or sweating for the rest of the day following treatment.

Who is the Enlightened Peel designed for?

The Enlighten Peel is designed with everyone in mind and is safe for all skin types. It should only be administered by a highly experienced, certified Esthetician or Medical Assistant, such as the clinicians at Remedi Medspa. Enlighten Peel reduces and eliminates skin blemishes for certain types of skin pigmentation that do not respond to more traditional treatments. This results in increased skin luminosity and equalized skin tone.

For the latest and greatest skin rejuvenation treatments, come to Remedi Medspa. Our kind and compassionate professionals are experienced in treating skin irregularities, including discolorations and unevenness, and can help you look and feel your best! We have two locations to better serve you: one in Coronado, CA and one in San Diego, CA. Call or book an appointment online today! We serve patients from Coronado CA, San Diego CA, Golden Hills CA, Little Italy CA, Logan Heights CA, and Lincoln Park CA. We look forward to serving you!

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