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Want to gain your confidence back with an increased breast size? Visit Remedi Medspa, we offer Breast Augmentation. For more information, please call us or schedule an appointment online. We serve patients from Coronado CA, San Diego CA, Golden Hills CA, Little Italy CA, Logan Heights CA, and Lincoln Park CA.

Breast Augmentation - Remedi Med Spa
Breast Augmentation - Remedi Med Spa

Having small or poorly defined breasts may prevent you from achieving the vivacious curves you desire. When the size of your breasts doesn’t enhance the natural proportions of your body, it can cause you to feel self-conscious or frustrated. Dr. Guttikonda works closely with his breast augmentation patients to create a tailored procedure that will transform their silhouette and confidence.

Your Path to Beauty…

Implant Material Treatment in Coronado, CA
Implant Material Treatment in Coronado, CA
Implant Shape Treatment in Coronado, CA
Implant Shape Treatment in Coronado, CA

Implant Material:

  • Saline: FDA approved for patients 18 years or older, filled with a saltwater solution
  • Silicone: FDA approved for patients 22 years or older, comprised of a cohesive silicone gel

Implant Shape:

  • Round: Even distribution of width, with wider sides and a narrow pole
  • Teardrop: Wider top with a more narrow base, simulates the natural shape of breast tissue

Diagram Incisions Treatment in Coronado, CA
Diagram Incisions Treatment in Coronado, CA
Diagram Placement Treatment in Coronado, CA
Diagram Placement Treatment in Coronado, CA


  • Inframammary: Along the breast crease
  • Periareolar: Around the areola border
  • Transaxillary: Within the armpit


  • Subglandular: Under the glandular tissue but over the pectoral muscle
  • Submuscular: Under both the breast tissue and pectoral muscle
  • Dual plane: Under the breast tissue and partially under the pectoral muscle

Your Goals

Your breast augmentation journey will begin with an extensive consultation process, during which you will discuss your aesthetic goals with Dr. Guttikonda. All breast procedures are tailored to meet your specific wants and desires. The ideal breast isn’t simply about size but also about shape and position on the chest. Providing pictures of your dream shape can help Dr. Guttikonda better understand your wishes and help choose the ideal implant for you.

Your Body

our natural body shape will play a significant role in crafting the best breast augmentation plan for you. Factors such as breast tissue thickness, the width of your chest, and breast symmetry can all impact the type of implant chosen and the best placement for you. Dr. Guttikonda will perform a physical examination during your consultation, which evaluates your body to help him determine your needs. Unlike some doctors, Dr. Guttikonda takes the time to precisely measure the breast area in order to choose the correct implant to perfectly fit into your breast pocket and fit your body. His precise technique provides a more natural and not “overdone” outcome for our happy patients. All our breast augmentations are designed to highlight your unique body.

Enhanced Silhouette

Attractive Fullness

Choosing the right implant and placement will help you achieve your ideal fullness. Say goodbye to your small, undefined breasts. We make sure your breast fullness enhances your body while providing you with the size increase you’ve always wanted.

Beautiful Shape

Implants can improve the shape of breasts that may appear deflated following pregnancy or recent weight loss. We offer two different implant shapes to ensure you achieve the most beautiful and natural-looking breasts possible.

Balanced Symmetry

A significant number of women considering augmentation will have breast asymmetry. Whether it is size, position, or areola asymmetry, Dr. Guttikonda will ensure that your breast augmentation provides you with a more balanced look.

Restored Confidence

The goal of breast augmentation is to be your own kind of beautiful. We tailor all procedures so they enhance your body and make you feel better about yourself. Choosing breast augmentation is deeply personal and should be a decision that restores your confidence.



The typical recovery period lasts between two and five days; after this time, you should be able to return to work. Some patients may experience initial bruising and swelling of the breasts. You can resume more vigorous activities after two weeks. However, you shouldn’t perform any activity Dr. Guttikonda hasn’t yet cleared you for.


The severity of postoperative scarring will vary among patients depending on their body’s natural healing factors. Incision location can affect the visibility of scarring, and Dr. Guttikonda always provides a unique technique using embrace® scar therapy followed by bioCorneum® products that will help minimize scars. Scar therapy surgical packages are available. Any scarring that does develop is likely to fade over time.


There may be some initial postoperative discomfort associated with swelling and the new pressure of your implants. Pain should only last several days and can be controlled with oral medication. Dr. Guttikonda recommends EXPAREL®, a slow-releasing numbing medication for breast augmentation patients. EXPAREL® is injected at the time of surgery and keeps the area numb and much more comfortable for up to three days. This medication can be added onto any surgery or may be included in a surgery package of your choosing.


Pricing can vary depending on your anatomy and surgical needs. Breast augmentation with smooth, round silicone implants starts at $4,500. The exact price of your procedure will be determined during your consultation. Financing options are available for patients who qualify. Your patient coordinator will discuss the financing options with you at the time of your consultation.

Before & After at Remedi Med Spa
Before & After at Remedi Med Spa
Before & After at Remedi Med Spa
Before & After at Remedi Med Spa
Before & After at Remedi Med Spa
Before & After at Remedi Med Spa

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of anesthesia is used during breast augmentation?
Breast augmentation is performed using a general anesthetic. Dr. Guttikonda hand selects his OR team, including the anesthetists he works closely with. You will get a call from your anesthesia provider the day before your surgery and have their contact information after your procedure for any questions.

How is implant size determined?
Several factors including your chest width and ideal breast appearance will impact the size of your implants. Dr. Guttikonda will make a size recommendation during your consultation.

Additionally, Dr. Guttikonda orders multiple sizers—one up, the ideal size chosen, and one down—(at no added cost to you) to inflate each breast to the proper size while you are on the operating table and determine the appropriate custom implant size for you. With your consent, Dr. Guttikonda makes the ultimate size decision in the OR in order to provide you with exactly what you desire.

How does Dr. Guttikonda help to prevent infection and capsular contracture?
We use a Keller Funnel® to promote a minimal-touch technique that minimizes rates of infection and capsular contracture at no added cost to you.

Does breast augmentation improve a deflated breast appearance?
The special technique Dr. Guttikonda uses for qualified candidates allows him to offer breast augmentation to women who would otherwise need a scarring lift procedure. Deflated and sagging breasts can be made more youthful without a scarring lift procedure.

How long will my results last?
Breast augmentation is designed to provide long-lasting, beautiful results. While most manufacturers recommend switching out implants every seven to 10 years, many patients maintain their results long after.

What brand of implants will be used for my breast augmentation?
Dr. Guttikonda uses Allergan Natrelle® and Mentor® implants because they are high-quality options and have been approved by the FDA.

Will breast implants impact my ability to breastfeed?
While some breast augmentation patients may experience negative effects that make it more difficult to breastfeed, it is a rare occurrence. Discuss your future pregnancy plans with Dr. Guttikonda so he can advise you on the best technique available for your needs.

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