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Botox Injections in Coronado, CA

Looking for Safe and effective Botox treatment in Coronado, CA? Remedi Plastic Surgery and Medspa offers effective and safe botox treatment that will make you look young and more beautiful. For more information, please call us or schedule an appointment online.

Botox Injections in Coronado, CA
Botox Injections in Coronado, CA

The Final Word in Smoothing Fine Lines & Wrinkles

There are many factors that you are always fighting against that can cause your appearance to age. BOTOX® can combat one of the leading causes of aging, moderate to deep wrinkles. BOTOX® has been used for many years and has an excellent reputation among medical professionals.

BOTOX® is injected into the muscle area and reduces the movement that occurs in this area. This limits frowning, squinting, and other factors that can lead do lines. Are you considering BOTOX® treatment? Speak with our plastic surgeon and allow us to assess what the benefits are for you

Below is some useful information on BOTOX®treatment, but the best way to gain information is by contacting our office:

  • BOTOX® is widely used around the globe in 78 different countries.
  • It’s a fast and fairly easy procedure that can often be finished in as little as 10 minutes.
  • It can also be used in those who deal with excessive sweating.
  • It is injected into the muscle to limit the movement in that area.
  • t can be used to target crow’s feet, deep lines, forehead wrinkles, laugh lines, frown lines and more.
  • Our professionals can provide you with results that look completely natural.
  • We also provide Brotox, BOTOX® for men.

At Remedi Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, our team of professionals are highly trained in the use of BOTOX® and other cosmetic procedures. We can discuss the potential outcome of BOTOX® with you, while also learning what you hope to focus on during treatment.

Our plastic surgery office is a friendly and caring environment where you are instantly greeted and treated as family. We focus on quality, whether that’s quality in our service, our approach, or our results. You can trust that you’ll be taken care of and we want to make sure you receive the results you want

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