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Breast Implant Specialist in Coronado & San Diego, CA

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Breast Implant Specialist in Coronado and San Diego, CA
Breast Implant Specialist in Coronado and San Diego, CA

If you are considering a breast augmentation, the type of implant you choose for your procedure can impact the nature of your results. With the advances in breast augmentation options, women are becoming more focused on having larger breasts that look and feel natural. The goal is to create shape but also to maintain a proportionate appearance. When choosing a breast implant, there are a number of characteristics that can change the look and feel of your breasts.

Implant Shape

Implants come in round or teardrop shapes. The implant shape will affect the shape of your breasts. Some women prefer teardrop shaped (anatomical) implants because they match the natural slope of breast tissue—by tapering down up top and filling out the bottom. Women with thinner breast tissue may be best suited for teardrop implants because they are often concerned about having implant edges visible through their breast tissue. However, anatomical implants may cause a distorted appearance if they rotate in the breast pocket, while round implants will not.

Implant Material

It is generally agreed that silicone implants better simulate the look and feel of natural breast tissue. Silicone gel is more form stable and less prone to developing surface irregularities that can be seen through thin breast tissue. They also hold their shape better than saline implants. However, saline implants may be more cost-effective for the right patient.

Implant Profile

The implant profile can be low, moderate, or high, and this affects where the fullness occurs in the breast implant. Implant profile can impact the overall projection of the breasts.

  • Low profiles have a wide base with fullness distributed across the implant.
  • Moderate profiles have a more narrow base with more fullness toward the upper pole.
  • High profiles have a narrow base with almost all fullness existing in the upper pole.

Implant Size

During your consultation, Dr. Guttikonda will help you determine the best implant size for your body. Your implant size will be determined by your aesthetic goals and your natural build. Some implants can appear too large on a woman with a petite frame, and it may take smaller implants to create her ideal breast appearance than it would for a woman with a larger body frame. Choosing the proper implant size plays a key role in maintaining balance and natural-looking results.


During your consultation, you will discuss your implant options with Dr. Guttikonda. It is important to be open about your breast desires. Bring in pictures of the type of breasts you wish to have; remember that looks and shape are more important than size. The largest breasts won’t always provide you with the shape you want.

To begin your breast augmentation journey, schedule your consultation with Dr. Guttikonda today. Call us our office.

Breast Implant Specialist in Coronado & San Diego, CA

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