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5 Tips for Natural

Breast Augmentation


5 Tips for Natural Breast Augmentation Results in Coronado & San Diego, CA

Looking for useful tips related to Natural Breast Augmentation Treatment? Read below for helpful tips! For more information, please call us or schedule an appointment online.

5 Tips for Natural Breast Augmentation Results in Coronado and San Diego, CA
5 Tips for Natural Breast Augmentation Results in Coronado and San Diego, CA

Do you feel that your small breasts are preventing you from having the figure you desire? Are you also afraid that implants will give you the horror-story breasts you see in the media? Many women who are considering breast augmentation worry about how their breasts might look with implants. However, it is possible to achieve beautiful, natural-looking breasts through breast augmentation. These are 5 tips for natural breast augmentation results.

1. Experienced Surgeon

Since not everyone who performs plastic surgery is necessarily a plastic surgeon, it is important that your surgeon is experienced in the field of plastic surgery and in the procedure you wish to undergo. A lack of knowledge will often result in poor, noticeably augmented breasts. Dr. Guttikonda is a fellowship-trained surgeon who worked under a very well-known (expert) New York plastic surgeon, and he has specialized in plastic and reconstructive surgery. His thorough understanding of anatomy helps provide you with beautifully natural results.

2. Implant Type

While there are pros and cons to both silicone and saline implants, silicone implants have the upper hand when it comes to creating a natural breast appearance. The cohesive structure of silicone makes these implants form-stable and less likely to develop visible wrinkles or surface irregularities. Additionally, silicone better simulates the look and feel of natural breast tissue. Silicone implants are available either teardrop-shaped or round. Teardrop implants are anatomically shaped and often create a more natural breast slope. However, Dr. Guttikonda will evaluate your needs and body type to determine the best implant type for you.

3. Balanced Proportions

Unnatural breasts are often the result of placing implants that are too large on a small frame. While breast augmentation can be performed to enhance your proportions, overcorrecting can result in a poor appearance. Maintaining balanced proportions between your breasts, hips, and waist will help you achieve a more natural look. Dr. Guttikonda precisely measures the breasts to find an implant that fits the breast pocket and the patient’s anatomy in order to create the appearance they desire. Each breast augmentation procedure is customized to the patient’s desired look and anatomy.

4. Follow Your Post-operative Instructions Closely

While the risk of complications following breast augmentation is low, closely following your recovery instructions will help ensure more beautiful results. Developing an infection or capsular contracture can affect how good your breasts look. Dr. Guttikonda will provide you with post-op care instructions that will include infection prevention and how to care for your implants to help them settle into a natural position.

5. Expert OR Team and Accredited OR

It is highly important that your operating room team is experienced and qualified to ensure that they take all of the necessary steps to keep you healthy and happy. Your team should expertly know how to use the Keller Funnel (no-touch technique) for implant insertion, which lowers the chance of infection, and they should understand how implant placement below the muscle lowers the chances of capsular contracture. The operating room facility should also be accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) to ensure it meets all safety regulations.

If you are ready to begin your breast augmentation journey and would like to see which options are best suited for you, schedule your consultation with Dr. Guttikonda today. Call us our office


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